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Boozy Ice Cream is The Best in Sarasota

Posted by Jake Best on August 5, 2022

If you're looking for a tasty new treat while relaxing on the beach in Sarasota, then you’ll want to give Boozy Ice Cream a try. It’s a great dessert for all those over 21 who want something sweet with the extra kick of liquor. Booze and ice cream mix well and we’ll prove it at Jake’s Ice Cream.

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What is Boozy Ice Cream?

Boozy Ice Cream is where you take your favorite spirits like whiskey, vodka, or tequila and combine them with ice cream. We’re sure you’ve heard of “mixed drinks.” Well, this is just applying that concept here, giving you “mixed ice cream.”

This works exceptionally well because liquor doesn’t freeze as easily as water. That means that adding it to ice cream will lower its freezing point, ultimately making it softer. Have you ever had a hard time scooping out rock-hard ice cream from a carton? This eliminates the problem, giving you a truly creamy texture.

It takes some balancing to avoid overwhelming the ice cream with liquor, but it’s amazing that this isn’t more popular. You can do it with many popular spirits, including favorites like Baileys Irish Whiskey.

One of Many Great Ways to Relax at Jake’s Ice Cream

You have your choice of many delicious flavors when you visit Jake’s Ice Cream. Our menu includes Boozy treats like:

  • Kahlua Crunch (Kahlua liqueur, dark chocolate, and Heath bar)
  • Butter Pecan (not your ordinary butter pecan; features butterscotch sweet cream)
  • Rum Raisin (with rum-soaked raisins mixed with butter rum cream)

Of course, there are still plenty of nonalcoholic flavors as well. While you enjoy one of the Boozy kinds, your children will love Circus McGerkus, cookie dough, strawberry, chocolate, or cookie monster. We even offer vegan ice cream along with over 20 choices.

Jake’s Ice Cream on Siesta Key gives you the chance to enjoy something nice from your childhood and adult life with Boozy Ice Cream. We’re also a great option for celebrating weddings, birthdays, and other events with customized ice cream creations. If you can’t find a flavor you like, chances are we can invent one for you. Visit us at Midnight Pass Road in Sarasota or call us for more information at 941-554-4632.

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