The History of Ice Cream

Ice cream--it's something that everyone enjoys, especially on a hot summer's day. And even though we're currently in fall with winter gradually approaching, there are still plenty of reasons to enjoy a bowl in the comfort of your own home. Perhaps you've wondered where this tasty treat came from. Perhaps your curiosity has loomed about the subject, but it's never been satisfied, unlike your appetitive. Fear not, curiosity seekers, today, we'll be taking a look at the history of ice cream and its rise to prominence. 

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Humble Beginnings 

While the exact origin of ice cream has been lost to the annals of history, there are variations of the dessert that can be found throughout the ages. In Ancient Rome, Emperor Nero was known for sending expeditions into the mountains to retrieve snow that was flavored with fruits and juices. (It makes one wonder if he had it while Rome burned.) Before that, Alexander the Great enjoyed ice mixed with honey and nectar. The credit for Ice cream is often bestowed on Marco Polo, who returned from Asia with a recipe that closely resembles what we now know as sherbet. Later, in the 1700s, a desert known as "creamed ice" was regularly found at the dining table of Charles I of England. 

Coming to America 

If 1776 is known as the year in which America declared its independence from Great Britain, 1777 can be remembered as the year in which the dessert became known to the American continent. Advertisements began appearing that claimed the dessert was now available "almost every day." When George Washington assumed the office of the presidency, it was reported that $200 was spent on the dessert. 

While the treat could be found in the newly formed United States, it was an exotic dish reserved for the upper classes. This changed during the 1800s when technological innovations allowed for ice cream to be produced in mass quantities for a country with a developing sweet tooth. Since that time, ice cream went on to become produced in a wide variety of flavors and served at corner stores and grocery shops. And now, the dessert can be manufactured from tofu and other dairy-free compounds to be served among those who choose to abstain from dairy. 

Scoop, cone, or sundae, there’s never a bad moment to enjoy!

Jake’s Ice Cream 

Whether the weather is hot, cold, or somewhere in the middle, Jake’s Ice Cream always serves up the most decadent offerings for those of us who call Sarasota and the surrounding areas home. For a menu and more information about us, scoop yourself on over to

10 Best Occasions to Buy Ice Cream

Ice cream makes many of our special commemorations and events that much better. It certainly makes them sweeter. We’ve identified 10 terrific occasions where you’ll appreciate a little ice cream.

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10 Best Occasions to Buy Ice Cream

  1. Special Occasions - Birthdays, Weddings, Anniversaries
    • We almost can’t imagine how folks celebrated birthdays before the invention of ice cream. At any rate, ice cream and cake are the two mainstays for these wonderful occasions. We enjoy making custom orders to facilitate greater joy at weddings, graduation parties, work promotion parties, or any other celebratory event.
  2. Romantic Dates
    • Ice cream is a simple yet delightful way to do a first date (or any subsequent ones). So, don’t hesitate to take your wife or girlfriend out for a couple of scoops of Toasted Coconut, Orange Dream, or Kahlua Krunch.
  3. With Friends, Following a Break-Up
    • Sometimes we have to contend with other emotions as well, including the sorrow of a breakup. You don’t have to “eat your feelings” per se, but it’s nice to unwind after any stressful event by relaxing with a nice bowl of ice cream.
  4. Evening Dessert
    • That delicious supper just isn’t complete without a nice dessert. You’re always invited to stroll down to Jake’s Ice Cream in the evening after you finished dinner, and want to satiate your sweet tooth.
  5. Dietary Cheat Days
    • Is today your “cheat day” on your Keto diet? If you’re going to break a fast or any other dietary guidelines, then go hard and enjoy it to the fullest.
  6. When You’re Ailing
    • Are you sore from a strenuous workout? Perhaps you could use a treat after 13 straight days of work. Ice cream is a wonderful way to “chill” after intense labor.
  7. To Satisfy Pregnancy Cravings
    • Pending doctor’s orders, you can use ice cream to alleviate pregnancy cravings. While you’re at it, don’t forget to share some with your husband and neighbors.
  8. While Enjoying a Movie
    • Nothing beats curling up to a great movie with a bowl of ice cream. If movies aren’t your thing, this also works after a heavy meal when you’re sitting down to watch a Buccs or Rays game on TV.
  9. The Hottest Days of the Year
    • It certainly gets warm around Siesta Keys and Sarasota. When it’s hot outside, you should do two things: get a large container of water (for hydration) and a waffle cone to cool you down a bit. 
  10. Randomly Any Time
    • The best time for ice cream is . . .  any time you want!

We know you hardly need an excuse to grab an ice cream bowl or cone from Jake’s Ice Cream on Siesta Keys. Our hand-crafted ice cream is suitable for just about any occasion. If you’d like to learn about our lavish list of flavors, call anytime at 941-554-4632.

Ice Cream Cone vs Ice Cream in a Cup: Which Team are You on?

Unless you decide to consume ice cream directly from the machine, you’ll probably enjoy it in one of two fashions: in a cup or on a cone. Those are the two traditional ways to have the best cold treat ever made, each with its own advantages.

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Here are some points in favor of eating ice cream in either a cup or cone.

Ice Cream Cones

Many of our patrons at Jake’s Ice Cream enjoy our hand-crafted waffle cones for a variety of reasons.

Ice Cream Cups

This involves consuming ice cream from a cup, bowl, or any other inedible container. It has the following advantages:

Jake’s Ice Cream makes the best ice cream, either by cone or cup, in the Sarasota area. Our menu has several unique flavors that appeal to adults and children alike. We can think of no better treat after a long day of strolling around the warm coastal community. Contact us with questions or concerns at 941-554-4632.

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