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Enjoying the Best Plant-Based Ice Cream in Sarasota

Posted by Jake Best on January 5, 2023

It’s almost impossible to find someone who doesn’t enjoy ice cream from time to time. For years, the dessert item has been thought of as something to partake in after dinner and not considered as something one can indulge in to help maintain their quality of life. That is, until now. Plant-based ice cream takes the guilt out of the equation and provides a healthy alternative. 

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Cruelty-Free & Tasty 

Here’s the thing—for years, ice cream has been made with animal products such as milk, heavy cream, and eggs. And while experts harvest these, they can also be collected from situations that put the product ahead of the animal’s welfare. These ingredients also tend to have high sucrose and cholesterol levels that aren’t beneficial for your health. At Jakes Ice Cream our plant-based ice cream is made from pea protein and coconut cream base. 

A Low-Calorie Alternative 

Many plant-based foods have fewer calories than their counterparts made from animal products and meat. For millions of Americans, consuming fewer calories is a major part of their daily lives. Plant-based ice cream contains fewer calories than those made from milk and heavy cream, meaning you’ll be able to dig in without any of the guilt. 

Lactose-Free for a Better Life 

The human body produces an enzyme known as lactase. This breaks down lactose-based products during the process of digestion. However, up to 30 million Americans have difficulty producing this enzyme in adequate numbers. This leads to a condition known as lactose intolerance. In fact, millions of Americans have this condition without knowing it. Abstaining from lactose will allow you to live a better life and aid in better digestive health. 

Less Harm to Animals 

While you might not think about them on a regular basis, animals play a key role in helping maintain the environment. By partaking in plant-based alternatives, you put less strain on them and help diminish the number of materials that get harvested from them on an annual basis.

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