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Ice Cream Tastes Better on Hot Days

Posted by Jake Best on August 22, 2022

Have you ever noticed how much better ice cream tastes on a hot day in Siesta Keys? In some respects, this is pretty obvious since we enjoy contrasting hot with cold. Plus, it’s easy for the heavy heat to overwhelm you, and demand immediate relief. With all that in mind, let’s cover a few reasons ice cream is beneficial on a hot summer day.

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Ice Cream Benefits for Hot Days in Siesta Keys

  • Ice Cream is Nutrient Rich
    • You probably know that the milk in ice cream is rich in calcium, something you may lack if you don’t consume much dairy. It also contains a decent volume of Vitamin D and Vitamin A. If you try our vanilla bean flavor, you’ll get an extra helping of potassium, too.
  • It Can Boost Your Energy Levels
    • If you’re touring the Florida beaches in the warm Summer months, then you’re bound to get tired after a while. We recommend trying a late afternoon serving of ice cream to help spur you through the rest of the day. Ice cream has plenty of glucose, which is one of the body’s primary energy sources.
  • You’ll Enjoy Better Moods & Brain Activity
    • It’s easy to see why ice cream puts you in a better mood. It may, however, surprise you to learn that it’s good for brain power as well. There’s been research that shows you can beat the heat and think better with ice cream rather than water alone.
  • Ice Cream Can Help With Mouth Sores
    • This is an old trick that folks may have forgotten. Ice cream is a great way to soothe painful mouth ulcers and sores. It’s even a great way to address a sore or hoarse throat if you've been speaking or singing a lot throughout the day.
  • It’s Simply a Great Way to Enjoy Life in the Summer
    • When all else fails, ice cream is a nice sweet treat that cools and refreshes you during the hot Summer or any other time of year. You hardly need much of an excuse to indulge an old-fashioned scoop of chocolate or strawberry ice cream.

Jake’s Ice Cream is happy to serve you the best hand-crafted ice cream anywhere along the beaches of Western Florida. If you haven’t done so already, check out our ice cream menu. We have a couple dozen flavors (not including custom options) such as Muddy Buddy, Cinnamon Bischoff, Salted Caramel Pecan, Kahlua Krunch, and Black Raspberry Chocolate Chip. You’re welcome to ask us anything about ice cream by contacting us at 941-554-4632.

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